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All information provided is of general nature and for informational purposes only. This is simply a sharing of the author’s own experiences with the process. The exact same results that have been achieved using the process outlined within this book are not guaranteed. Before making a decision on the information presented or discussed in this book, you should consult with your own independent tax, legal, and financial advisers and/or accountants. Author assumes no responsibility on any action taken should you decide to act on the information provided. Although the information is provided in good faith, it is also given on the basis that no person using the information in whole or in part shall have any claim against the Author. This book makes no claims or representation that by using the process herein that you will earn money. The stories shared and testimonials given are hereby used for educational and exemplary purposes only, and not intended to incite sales. The stories may show real experiences, but the process will vary for each property and not typical. 
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