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ATTN: SoCal Real Estate Developers, Investors and Builders
"What Would You Do If Prices 
Kept Going Up?"

This extensive online training helps you go from average flipper to million dollar developer in order to 
build a sustainable business no matter the market.

If You're a RE Developer Struggling to
Stay Profitable With Your Projects 
There's Only One Thing You Can Do
Hi, I'm Dominique Higgins and I am a real estate agent/broker. Over the past 6 years, I've helped real estate developers, investors, builders and contractors find, market, and sell their development projects (millions in transactional volume).

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about maximizing a project's value. 

The truth is maximizing your development project's ARV or end value is the only thing you can do if prices are to keep going up (which it looks they are). 

As a developer, you're only taught very few, limited ways to actually do this: adding a bedroom, opening up the walls, changing the paint and flooring, putting in new kitchen cabinets, etc. 

The problem is the majority of real estate developers have not been taught ALL the different ways you can maximize a project's value, especially here in Southern California and Los Angeles. 
But That's Not Even 
The Worst Part
Why? Because the longer developers go without knowing these ways, the tighter their profits will be squeezed...
There are less properties for sale, and prices are already going up. Not only that...
Faced with staggering job losses, THOUSANDS of people are jumping into real estate flipping and development, which means prices are only going to go up even more, and it will become harder and harder to get a "good deal", especially if your plan is to rely on traditional methods to maximize value. 

And the worst part of it is, when it comes to even figuring out how else to maximize end value, 

Some may choose to rely on planning or zoning officials to tell you what can be done, but you may soon realize cities have a hidden agenda -- to minimize development as much as possible.   

Others may even try to reach out to design consulting firms or architects. But to pay their stiff fees to simply look at a project and provide a full analysis adds up quickly. 

At the end of the day a general framework hasn't really been taught to developers to provide them the confidence to determine even more ways they can maximize a property's value, and enable them to take back greater control of their projects and lives. 
But Luckily For You, There Is Now A Simple Solution 
But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you. 
"I Had No Idea What To Do With This Opportunity"
When I was that broke 22-year old you met on the last page, my dream was to become a million dollar developer...
Because growing up as the daughter of a real estate agent I idolized developers and the way they were able to shape communities. 

More so, I wanted to do this because it felt like my life's purpose. 

So, as you know, using The Biggest Secret I was able to find a 
$6,500 home in SoCal which felt like the exact once-in-a lifetime opportunity I would need to get started. I mean I did what the all the websites say you need, I found the best 'deal' possible. 

The problem was I had NO IDEA what I could actually do with it. I had NO IDEA how to maximize its value and get me anywhere close to the million dollar mark, let alone the $100K mark.

I struggled for months on end trying to figure out what to do or develop on the site, but soon ran out of money and time. Forced to sell the property below what I knew was it's true potentil, I began working at a brokerage that specializes in finding developers and investors projects. And it was a grind. 

That's because at the time I was still brainwashed by what they teach everyone in the industry. That whoever finds and makes offers on the MOST properties AT the LOWEST PRICE wins. 

Trying to keep up with this standard, however, was a struggle. It meant working 50+ hours a week, (sometimes 80) hustling like crazy, trying all these different ways to drive prices down, to get before the seller first, to find the best deal before anyone else. 

And it still didn't work. 

I remember in one week, despite sending out 45 offers on different properties, we only heard back from from one or two, and they were like 'yeah we'll let you know', which left me sitting on a Friday night feeling exhausted, dejected, and unsure how to move forward. 
Until The Most Amazing Thing Happened...
Until The Most Amazing Thing Happened...
In 2017, I happened to be at a planning meeting for all of LA County when they were introducing all these new rules and regulations that would drastically the zoning laws and development landscape. 

It was at that moment, sitting in the auditorium, that I it clicked that there was another way to win the game, and this could be it. 

There were other ways to maximize a property's value and therefore maximize the profits for our developers and investors, without JUST focusing on driving the price down. 

I left the meeting with a plan to become an expert in these rules and regulations, on a mission to figure out how they could work for our developers 
and investors. 

In 2017, I happened to be at a planning meeting for all of LA County when they were introducing all these new rules and regulations that would drastically the zoning laws and development landscape. 

It was at that moment, sitting in the auditorium, that I it clicked that there was another way to win the game, and this could be it. 

There were other ways to maximize a property's value and therefore maximize the profits for our developers and investors, without JUST focusing on driving the price down. 

I left the meeting with a plan to become an expert in these rules and regulations, on a mission to figure out how they could work for our developers 
and investors. 

It, however, was NOT easy. Understanding many of these rules involved countless hours of research, back and forth calls, emails, and (I hate to say it) arguments with planning officials.

Not only that, it took even longer to vet projects because now I had figure out all the different opportunities, that were potentially available, and how they could be applied to the properties our clients were interested in. 

However, after further refinement using the system, I was able to quickly evaluate properties in under an hour and help our brokerage become more competitive when submitting offers on behalf of clients. 

That same year we helped a client buy a property for around than $470,000 (around the list price - which people thought was crazy), and now he has plans to build a $1.5 million+ development on that same property. 

As time passed, the system expanded to include the key ingredients that were enabling our clients to stay competitive when submitting offers and start getting projects pushing up into higher and higher sales price tags. 

Flash forward to today, using the pillars within the system, we were able to transform ALL of our developers from conventional 'flippers' to developers with MILLION DOLLAR PROJECTS

Which is why, I call it the Million Dollar Developer's System...

Because even though I haven't become that million dollar developer (just yet), it has been amazing to see how well the system has and continues to work for our clients. It has enabled them to be more strategic in the properties that they consider. It has freed us from a lot of the grind that comes with bargain hunting, and allowed both them and our team to enjoy more time with friends, family and doing the things we love. 

And, at the end of the day, I feel even more grateful because I know exactly what to do when that next once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes up. 😉 

That is why, today, I'm excited to be....
The Million Dollar Developer's System
The Million Dollar Developer's System 
is a series of online video courses and materials 
designed to teach you how go from average flipper to 
million dollar developer. 

The Million Dollar Developer's System Helps You: 

Discover the options you have to drive ARV and end value of your projects up, so you can stop relying on driving purchase prices down and stop getting outbid. 

Save TONS of time and money, by teaching you the process to determine ANY property's development potential, without over-relying on planning officials, paying exorbitant consulting fees, or wasting hours trying to figure it all out yourself. 

Maximize the value of your projects, so you can protect and even push your profit margins higher. 

Quickly evaluate the numbers, so you can stop wasting time submitting offers on the 'wrong' properties and 
can focus on getting the 'right' ones.

Understand the key million dollar development opportunities out there, so you know which ones to target on your journey to become a developer doing 7-figure projects. 

Create a solid foundation on which you can transform into 
a developer doing million dollar projects 
and focus on what you love. 

and much, MUCH more!

But Act Now - Before It's Too Late! 
In Your Offer You Will Receive the Following...
The Million Dollar Developer's System to 
Discover Profitable Projects
This three part online course is your complete roadmap to discovering how to maximize a property profit potential, enabling you to target the right properties, weed out the properties going nowhere fast, and save hours of time and money.  

The Million Dollar Developer's System to 
Make Millions* in LA
This four part online course reveals the top four golden development opportunities million dollar developers (and even multi-million dollar developers) are using across LA and South California. 

This video series will provide you in depth overviews on each of these, so you have a working knowledge on when and how you can use them to your own advantage and achieve your goals as a developer even more quickly. 

*Meaning Million Dollar Developments. No profit guarantee.
The Million Dollar Developer's System to 
Evaluate Projects Quickly
This video crash course unlocks the simple formula you can use to evaluate potential development deals without special modeling software, a finance degree, or even Microsoft Excel, so you you can submit offers more quickly and more confidently and still be able to jump on a good opportunity when one comes your way. 
The Million Dollar Developer's System to 
Get Started NOW
This workbook is your key to take everything taught in the Million Dollar Developer's System and apply it in real time, so you can take the steps NOW to radically grow your business and grow closer to achieving your dreams for yourself and for your family. 
Not only that, you will also receive the following BONUSES!
Bonus #1
The Million Dollar Developer's System to 
Mastering Your Mind
This free digital copy of The Science of Getting Rich and accompanying exercises hold the secret to mastering your mind, so you can overcome your biggest enemies (fear, self-doubt, and worry) and learn how to finally unleash your full potential in business and in life. 
Bonus #2
Lifetime Access
This USB (shipped to your address) is your 'NO EXCUSES' access to all of the videos, exercises, and e-books within the Million Dollar Developer's System so anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with or without wifi, you can absorb the information at your own pace and enjoy full freedom to leverage the system for your business.
Bonus #3
Exclusive Community Access
This closed, exclusive Facebook group connects you instantly to a network of other budding million dollar developers, so you can access design ideas, tips, tricks, and off-market opportunities and connect with a group of people with a similar vision and work ethic.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If within the first 30 days after your purchase the Million Dollar Developer's System does not completely lay out an entire roadmap on how you can find the right properties and use them to build million dollar developments, then we'll refund your money. No questions asked, simply ship back all the physical materials received and send us an email. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain to become competitive as a developer in today's tough market. 
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Dynamically Updated
At the end of the day the question is how much more can you take. 

How much more can you take of: 
- Constantly being outbid
- Investing months (even years) into properties only to get minimal profits 
- Watching your profits get squeezed
- Relying on zoning officials who don't have your interests in mind 
- Spending TONS of Time and $$$$ chasing every property that's out there 

For developers and investors who are fed up, the Million Dollar Developer's System is the first step in finding your way out and finding your success in this business. Let's get started today!  

- Dominique Higgins | DRE#01927254

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